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About Us


Diaspora Africans in North London living a life free from the legacy of slavery and the destructive forces of racism and other discriminatory practices where they will be:
• united in purpose
• connected to the nations of Africa and the Caribbean and
• celebrated for their heritage and impact on the world’s history and economy

Our journey starts with seeing this in North London (Haringey, Enfield & Barnet). 


By 2022 we will have contributed to transforming Haringey into a more peaceful, aspirational, inclusive, enterprising and celebrated place by engaging with and delivering demonstrably life-enhancing services to:
• 1000 young people
• 500 Families
• 200 Women 


We work with integrity, compassion and respect always nurturing those around us and being responsive to their needs.


• Fight injustice against the poor and oppressed
• Know your identity
• Live your dream
• To not only learn from our past cultural heritage but also determine a legacy to ensure our self-love and growth as a people


A number of pioneering members of the Windrush Generation founded the charity the West Indian Leadership Council in 1975. This was later renamed the African Caribbean Leadership Company (ACLC).

Their achievements include establishing the renowned West Indian Cultural Centre (WICC) in Turnpike Lane, Haringey; campaigning for civil rights locally and internationally; and influencing race legislation and education policy. Their rich personal journeys are equally fascinating from Caribbean childhoods to present-day London.

These co-founders made up the majority of the board membership of the ACLC until the January 2020 election when there was a transition to their children’s generation – predominantly the first significantly large black British generation in the UK. This board is working to take the organisation forward with exciting new services and a new business model. 

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Our community has never needed you more than today so become a part of the solution now.

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