African Caribbean Leadership Company Limited

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The African Caribbean Leadership Company (ACLCLimited, was originally founded in June 1975 by members of the Windrush Generation and has since then operated to service the needs of the African Caribbean community in the London Borough of Haringey and its surrounding areas.

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Could YOU or a family member be eligible to claim compensation?


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to support you to fully understand your rights and eligibility for Windrush Compensation. 

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Together we are stronger!

Windrush 2022: We salute those pioneering leaders in our community who had much to overcome and paved the way for us and future generations.

Image: Opening of the
West Indian Cultural Centre in 1987

The Cultural Centre is
currently closed

but, ACLC is still open
and here to support you!

Our beloved Cultural Centre which has been providing culturally sensitive services and activities for the African Caribbean Community in Hornsey for over 30 years – NEEDS YOUR HELP!  The iconic building founded by pioneering community leaders from the Windrush Generation, and which has also played host to many high-profile events is in a state of disrepair and needs refurbishing.  

We are raising funds for the repairs, so we can re-open the centre with renewed vigour, and new initiatives aimed at revitalising our community. 

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The ACLC stands in support of #BLACKLIVESMATTER protests across the globe.
We will unite our community to strengthen our position and our voice.
We will connect with the Diaspora.
We will strategize in order to build economic strength in the Diaspora, Africa and the Caribbean.
Stand with us in solidarity.

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