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Windrush Compensation Scheme Claim Forms and Guidance

Windrush Compensation Scheme Rules

Windrush Compensation Scheme Rules (

Windrush Scheme Application Form:  

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Windrush Applicant Information

Click here for Information for applicants to the Windrush Scheme and Windrush Compensation Scheme.


We can also email the following forms to you:

-Close Family Member Claim Form
-Windrush Schemes – Applying from Overseas

-Deceased Estate Claim Form


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The Windrush Scheme and The Windrush Compensation Scheme Explained

Video: Eligibility

The Windrush Scheme can help you get the documentation you need to prove your right to live in the UK.

The Windrush Compensation Scheme can compensate you for losses you suffered if you have not been able to prove your lawful status in the UK.

Watch the video to learn more and who can apply.

Video: Windrush Compensation Scheme explained

Some people from the Caribbean or countries like Ghana or Nigeria who settled lawfully in the UK before 1988, and suffered because they couldn’t prove their legal right to live in the UK, may be entitled to compensation from the Windrush Compensation Scheme.

This short video is a reminder of who can claim and what they can claim for.